Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ravellenics 2012 Update

I went to the kickoff event over at the Woolpack store in Acton last Friday, so I am now officially part of their team doing my Hexagon Gone Wrong pattern for the Event Modular.  It was a great evening and I am looking forward to going back.

My biggest problem right now is wanting to jump right in and start crocheting!  I want to complete my new crochet hook bag before Friday so that is one short term goal.  I am working on the hook strip and trying to decide if I will just stick with a large mesh pocket for other items or add a separate pocket.  Ah, the joys of designing as you go.

I also just started a circular lace pattern to have something "new" to work on.  No idea of what that will be but I am hoping it will work out to be a circular scarf.

My stash is getting wound thanks to my lovely new Amish Wood yarn swift.  It is also getting organized at the same time, at least the part downstairs, so I will be able to shop my stash soon.

Okay, my current project list should be:

Hexagon Gone Wrong, 5, event modular relay, Team Woolpack
V-stitch Dishcloth, event one skein, Team Boston (Wicked Pissahs)
Frog Pink Scarf, event frogging trampoline, Team Wellesley, if I can find it to frog it

EEK - I need one for Team Crochet!  Perhaps an excuse to do a Mile a Minute strip bag?  Must go check the stash!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Preparing for the Ravellenics!

I have now joined four teams so I need to come up with four projects!

My teams are:
Team Crochet
Team Pizzah (Team Boston)
Team Woolpack
Team Wendy Wellesley

So far I am in two events:
Frogging - that dreadful pink variegated scarf if I can find it
Modular Relay - a fun new pattern that I want to try for dish scrubbies

Not yet entered, but I want to try repeating my Hexagon Gone Wrong pattern five times as a Modular Relay for Team Woolpack (where I bought the yarn.)

I also have yarn stash at least as old as last July because I can remember using some of it while they were here (I went a bit overboard ahem at a Sugar and Cream sale.)  Not to mention the yarn I just found that I don't even remember buying but based on its hiding place must hit the one year rule.  Alas, it may be too hot for July crocheting.

So what to do? What to do? I still want to finish my crochet hook bag (WIP) and my contemplative crochet piece is just getting interesting as well.  I haven't made any flowers lately even though I did join a great Ravelry group that is all about making them.  I just got some novelty yarn for scarf making which I am really loving.  (Luckily those are too expensive to get really overboard with.)

Okay, first things first:  take photos of all the WIP and the ideas.
Add them to my Ravelry projects list.
See if I can figure out how to add my Hexagon Gone Wrong pattern.
Take a photo of the completed crochet bag while I am at it.
See if I can get that mobile Ravelry app on my cell phone.

Remember to take photos of all of this - then I can scrap them after the Olympics!  Ah, the joy of combining hobbies.