Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things I Want to Do

I decided to keep track of ideas here, so I can access them from multiple gizmos.

1)  Get five different yarns in all different weights and try out the same motifs in each of them.
2)   Do swatches in single and double crochet in all my favorite yarns.
3)  Start some kind of notebook to keep the swatches and notes in.

4)  Put together some slide shows for the blog to share some of our adventures.
5)  Work on "lines" photos.

6)  Finish Craftsy crochet course.
7)  Transfer Scrapgirl ebooks from Calibre to Kindle.

8)  Try to figure out how to make a My Little Pony amigurumi (a request)
9)  Get rest of last yarn stash run wound into balls
10)  Blog about Ladybug yarn shop - fabulous place