Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tangle of the Week: Rain 9/24/2016

Rain, Nipa, Hollibaugh with Crescent Moon,
Bales, Ing, Mssst
This week's tangle is Rain, the tangle on the left hand side.  It is an easy but effective tangle.  The directions are on Linda Farmer's site here athough they are originally from Suzanne McNeill.

Since I haven't mentioned Linda's site, lately, I want to give it a special shout out now.  She has many of the original Zentangle patterns as well as dozens contributed by other Zentangle artists.  The site is well worth checking out.  She also sends out a daily newsletter with new patterns to try.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tangle of the Week Sept 16, 2016: Fengle

Pokeroot, Fengle, Zinger, Bales, Nipa, Tripoli,
Munchin, Crescent Moon, Flux
For this week, I chose the tangle Fengle (the center top row.) Maria demonstrates how to draw it in the Zentangle® newsletter here.

By the way if you are not signed up for the newsletter, go to and sign up.  It not only covers new tangles, it includes testimonials and lovely examples. It is a wonderful source of inspiration.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Tangle of the Week: N'Zeppel

N'Zeppel is the tangle on the right hand side.  It can be drawn on a straight grid or on a "crazy" grid as it is here.  Think of stuffing a water balloon into your grid space - it will fill most of the area but will leave the corners open. Here is a video showing how to draw it and another way to shade it - be warned that the video is very fast,

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tangle of the Week September 3 2015: Purk

Aah, Zander with Fescue, Purk, Keeko, Bales with N'Zeppel
This week's tangle is Purk, the large oval in the center.  You can learn how to draw it in a youtube video here.This is one of  Maria's favorite tangles and it is fun to draw.  It always makes me think of a Faberge egg. Enjoy!