Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Art Journal blog to follow

While I was checking out the new art journal kit at Godigital, a collaboration between OOBS and Demurgia.  (She is now Art of Scrapbooking apparently.)  Sharon, the one I did not know, has a great blog here:


Since I want to check this out from all of my assorted computers, etc, I am putting the link here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Journal page May 22, 2012

I wanted to do an art journal page.  When I opened Picasa, I saw several otherwise unrelated items in the Recently Added section that spoke to me.  I love the way they worked out together!
(In order by layers: Noisy Pancake Jan preview, JMay The Things You Do, LM Kaleidoscope, HS Reading Room, JKneipp Rising Collection)

Monday, May 7, 2012

National Scrapbook Day

Well, Saturday was National Scrapbook Day (for all those of you who missed it lol!)  What a fun day!  I spent most of the day hanging out with all my friends at Scrapgirls, making it to seven of the chats, and even won a prize!  Better yet, I was inspired to do some scrapping.  So far, I did the Art Inspiration challenge, stretching myself a bit to make my own moon and sun.  I also managed the Taco challenge (you choose a type of taco shell and various fillings, then at the chat you find out what those mean.  My crunchy shell, for example, meant to use three papers on my layout and so on.)

 I used Durin Eberharts papers and Elisha Barnett's stitching on the top one, and Amanda Fraijo's Dreamy Canvas and Fall Foliage kits on the bottom.  (For a complete list of supplies, see the bottom of this posting.)  I have  a sketch and idea in mind for the All About Me challenge.  Kudos to all the Scrapgirls who went for the challenge and did all eight layouts.

Then I hopped over to Go Digital just to see what their chat room was like.  I received a very warm welcome there and had great fun in their trivia chat.  I managed to win three prizes and got a store coupon just for participating!

What a wonderful day, and what a great beginning to my birthday weekend!

Durin Eberhart Dyed Fabric, Elisha Barnett's Homebody kit (both layouts), Out of the Box Studio Universe in Our Eyes, Tangie Baxter, Seaside Art Dolls, Amanda Fraijo-Tobin Dreamy Canvas and Fall Foliage kits, Kerry Veale Victorian Canvas paper template, and Erica Hite's Photo Frame stitching.   The designers are (or were) from Scrapgirls, as well as Go Digital and Scrapbookgraphics.